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6 Things I Learned in LA

1. Go at your own pace

I wasn’t feeling great on this trip and I definitely pushed myself a few times because I wanted to fit everything in – surprise, it only made me feel worse and took longer for me to recover. While we may want to fit everything we can into an experience, it’s best to slow down and enjoy it at the pace that works for you!

2. Don’t let your flaws stop you

Even if you’re on the verge of death. A few days before my trip in January I got the worst cold and then at the airport my auto immune disease flared up and the entire trip was really challenging because I could barely eat and I felt horrible. But I still managed to have a good time and did what I could instead of letting it stop me and going home or laying in bed for the whole trip.

3. Magic exists

I don’t know about you, but I am a nerd for Disney. Visiting Disneyland after watching so many documentaries about how everyone doubted Walt Disney and how there were so many struggles along the way, reminds me that magic exists. If you believe enough, you can create magic for others too.

4. Make stuff

Sometimes as a creator, it can be really easy to get swept up in the end goal and getting somewhere. But if you’re a writer, an artist, a musician – you need to make something in order to get to that end goal. As much as I can retweet my favourite agents or make a mood board for my characters – the bottom line is that I need a finished novel for any of that to mean something.

5. The life you want is out there

This sounds really simple and straightforward, but it’s true! Living a life far different from the one that you dream of sometimes makes you forget that there are real people out there that do live their dream life. There are people living in New York or LA or Atlanta who are making music or writing scripts. Don’t forget that the life you want is tangible – you just have to keep working towards it.

6. Don’t forget to dream

When you’re working towards a big goal it can be easy to get wrapped up in the day to day things or the little tasks. At times when I’m deep into a draft for a few weeks, everything else in life disappears. But it’s important to remember WHY we want to create and what sparked our interest in the first place. Otherwise a creator can easily get lost. 

Favourite Places

Mel’s Drive In

Very cute old fashioned diner that was closely associated with the film American Graffiti.

Little Tokyo

Super cool area with restaurants and an outdoor/indoor weird mall!

The Last Bookstore

Really wonderful  store with lots of great books. The second floor sometimes has little shops and they have these really neat book displays.


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