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Best Thrift/ Antique Stores

Thrift and antique stores are my jam. I never thought of myself as someone who would be into it because it used to sound very pretentious and expensive to me, but I don’t go to those places. Everywhere I go I seek out the places that have the weirdest/coolest stuff. Sometimes it feels like I’m treasure hunting. You never know what you’re going to find.  



Uncommon Objects

This place has a lot of cool things but nothing that I loved was small enough it could fit in my suitcase. They have a lot of old books and very cool Austin specific finds. I also heard it might be haunted!

Cost: $$

Address: 1602 Fortview Rd.

Out of the Past Collectibles

The thing I love most about this place was the larger than life size statue of the Witch from the Wicked West from the Wizard of Oz. It is one of those antique stores that are filled to the brim with things and you really have to look closely to find anything. 

Cost: $

Address: 5341 Burnet Rd

WebsiteNo Website

Top Drawer Thrift

Lot of cool things here! They have some clothes here and house items and vintage photographs.

Cost: $

Address: 902 Burnet Rd

Charm School Vintage

This store had really cute items but they were definitely out of my price range. If you have a big budget for thrifting they had some really cute clothes and shoes.

Cost: $$$

Address: 1111 E 11th St #150


Austin Antique Mall

This antique mall reminded me of the St. Jacob’s Market in Guelph with the layout. They have a lot of big items here and cool decor pieces. 

Cost: $$

Address: 8822 McCann Dr


New York, NY 

Beacon’s Closet

Love love love this place. They sell a lot of really great vintage clothes here, my favourite locations are in Brooklyn! Some of my favourite things I like to shop for here are sweaters and jackets.

Cost: $

Address: 74 Guernsey St Brooklyn

23 Bogart St Brooklyn

10 W 13th St New York

92 5th Ave Brooklyn


L Train Vintage

After I discovered Beacon’s closet I frantically searched for more vintage clothing stores and found L Train Vintage. Also a great place for sweaters and jackets.

Cost: $

Address: 118 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn

106 Thames St Brooklyn

629 Grand St Brooklyn

1377 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn

202 1st Avenue New York

654 Sackett St Brooklyn


Vintage Thrift Shop

Lot of cool decor and furniture here. Out of my price range and size for my suitcase but worth checking out.

Cost: $$$

Address: 286 3rd Ave, New York


 Toronto, ON 

Value Village

In Ontario, Value Village is something almost any civilian  you ask will know about it. They kind of have everything from furniture to books to clothes to art. There are a lot more locations than what I’ve added below but I’ve just added my favourites.

Cost: $

Address: 924 Queen St E Toronto

1319 Bloor St W Toronto

1030 Wilson Ave Toronto

101 Northview Blvd Vaughan


Ransack the Universe

This is another one of those places where you really have to look hard for things because they have a lot of stuff – and a basement! I found some cool vintage Disney stuff here.

Cost: $$

Address: 1207 Bloor St W


  Around ONTario 

St Jacobs Antiques Market

This is my favourite antique place. They have a lot of stuff but it’s spread out in sections so you can easily find things. They have a wide range of things from vintage toys, books, Disney – you name it and it’s probably there. 

Cost: $$

Address: 805 King St N, Waterloo


Castle Antiques| Trophies & Engravings

This is a great place to hit up if you’re in the Muskoka area. They have a wide range of things from housewares, clothes, furniture, books etc. I bought a cool vintage suitcase and some old books from here last time I went.

Cost: $

Address: 30 Main St E, Huntsville

Website: No Website

The Patch

Ignore the racks of ponchos outside. Lot of great summer crop tops, shorts, t-shirts. Great sweaters including some from Ralph Lauren and Polo.

Cost: $$

Address: 316 Main St, Sauble Beach


Sauble Beach Antiques

The Saturday market in the summer outside has the best stuff. I once got really seasonal and bought a bunch of Christmas decorations there. Also got some really cool bookends.

Cost: $$

Address:610 Bruce County Rd 8, Wiarton

Rockford Flea Market

I usually hit this place up on the way back from Sauble since they’re only open on certain days. Lot of interesting things here! Not much clothing, but great housewares, books, toys, etc.

Cost: $

Address: 317804 Highway 6 & 10, RR#4, Owen Sound



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