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Living a Creative Life

I used to be the type of person who was waiting for my life to start. I thought, when I’m successful then things will finally be the way that I want them to be. I will finally be living this creative life that I’ve always been day dreaming about.

But then over time I realized that’s not the case. Life is what you make of it – you don’t just wait around for it to happen to you. I realized that I was wasting my life waiting for the perfect time to start being the person that I wanted to be or having the things that I wanted.

Slowly, I began to change things one by one. I started with my apartment. It was not my dream apartment at the top of a Manhattan skyscraper or hiding away in the depths of a Brooklyn loft – but it was what I had and it was home. My walls were bare so I first started painting art to hang. Not only was it affordable, but it was actually fun learning how to paint and it added to the space that I worked in. Then I added a small cork board in front of my desk with little inspiration cards, favourite movie post cards, or anything that I might drift to while I’m working to give me ideas. Then I got a big cork board to help plan projects with note cards.

After that I began collecting. First it was furniture from the internet (kind of a pain but kind of worth it and sometimes it ends up being an adventure). I had a plain black Ikea shelf for a while and ended up spray painting the inside of the shelf a shiny gold (it actually came out very cool). This really started transforming the space and making it come alive. Then I started collecting cool things that I fell in love with like books from my childhood, fun antique store finds, or plain weird stuff like my alien head piggy bank.

Since I do most of my projects working from home, the space was now feeling more creative and had an energy around it that made me excited to work here.

The next thing I began to change was putting effort into my style. I may not be able to afford my taste at times, but as I put in the effort of signing up for mailing lists and keeping an eye out for sales as well as hunting through thrift shops, I began to curate a style that made me feel more creative. So then it wasn’t just that I felt creative when I was working at home, but any time I left the house. There are times when I feel a bit lazy and want to wear a sweater and leggings that are plain, but I found that if I do this too often I end up feeling kind of drab. Deciding each week what I want to wear and what mood I’m in and what fits the weather and what I can express, makes things more interesting.

Then I started changing my choices. Sometimes I used to just lock myself up at home and work so often I never felt like going out and doing things anymore. Or I used to feel like I need to plan every outing to the point where it didn’t really leave room for fun.

I found that when I let myself go on random adventures or leave my house to go meet up with my Dad to go to an Italian festival or I check out something random and new that I’ve never done before – that’s when I get fresh inspiration or meet life changing people or I start to feel awake and alive again.

And that’s how I’ve been living a more creative life. Not waiting for it to happen to me, but me deciding I was going to live it now.

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