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7 Things I Learned in Austin, TX

1. Enjoy life as it comes

Apparently you can’t plan every single detail in your life! Apparently it’s impossible! And having these expectations can put a weird stress on you and you will have a lot less fun. Having no expectations but enjoying whatever comes your way will ensure that no matter what happens you are in a good place and you’re not disappointed.

2. Remember the fun of an open day with no plans, exploring a new city

Sometimes in life when everything is moving fast you forget to dream and be inspired because you’re so focused on an end goal. When we went to Austin the first time we had an entire day with no plans, no work – we were completely anonymous in a new city. It was so refreshing not to have to do/plan things.

3. Don’t forget about your childhood

If you’ve read my post about Del Toro’s exhibit he displayed a few years ago, you know how much I love horror. I used to be super obsessed with horror movies and everything about it as a kid. And as I grew up I kind of lost that aspect – there were so many things going on that it just wasn’t something I thought about or sought after anymore. Then we stumbled upon the Museum of the Weird in Austin. Now, spoiler alert, this is no MET. But it is a place full of really weird things and a wax museum of horror movie characters. It really brought me back to my love of horror and strange stories and anomalies in the world and inspired me not to forget being a kid.

4. There is always a way to utilize time better 

It’s really easy to be busy and think you are still moving forward – yet when you look back over the past few months or the entire year, you can’t really say what you’ve accomplished. When travelling to Austin while on a work trip a few times, this really came to light for me as I tried to balance work, creating, and also enjoying my time there. I kept feeling like there just wasn’t enough time to do everything – but there was – I just had to prioritize and make it happen.

5. Know (and listen) to yourself 

Knowing yourself really well (your triggers, what excites you, when you’re burnt out), is extremely important. When I was first coming here for work I really pushed myself too far a few times mentally and health wise with my autoimmune disease. I needed rest, I needed time to get organized, I needed to slow down – but instead I burnt myself out trying to do too many things. Listening to yourself and knowing what you need will save a lot of pain in the future and will also help make sure you are in check and also enjoying your life!!

6. Stop stressing/carve out time for yourself

Similar to #5 – Work trips make me so stressed out! Ideally they sound fun, but having to manage going into a new office and trying to also check out the city plus managing your usual workload with extra workload and socializing ends up making me feel burnt out. This is where I really learned to just listen to myself and how I’m feeling and saying no when I need to.

7. There is always time to make art

Find time on your lunch break to do some writing. Read on your commute. Brainstorm ideas on the plane. Say no to going out or staying up really late every night. It can be frustrating when it seems like there is no time to create and other things are in the way. Reevaluate your life and find the little spots here and there that allow you to create. It’s not perfect, and the time may never be perfect, but somehow the more you do this, the more you find time.

Favourite Places

This place is definitely not the MET or ROM but I found it fun and quirky. As a horror lover the gift shop might be my favourite section where they have great t-shirts, movie posters, and collectables.

When we visited this antique store it was a bit far from downtown but there was a lot of really cool, austin-unique antiques that were way to big for my suit case. If you’re looking for more antique/thrift stores in Austin, check out my post here.

It’s possible this might be my favourite book store on earth (so far). It’s huge and they have cute bookish souvenirs and displays for local writers. If you are in Austin this is a must visit.


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