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6 Things I Learned in

New York

1. Embrace being uncomfortable 

 The first year that I got sick with an auto immune disease I was really intimidated to travel. The first time I came back to New York I was so stressed it was hard to enjoy the trip. But guess what – nothing bad happened. I survived the trip and lived to see another day. The more I travelled and the more uncomfortable situations I put myself in, the more I could enjoy life. Which brings me to my next point:

2. Things are not as scary as they seem

Something I’m really working on is Fear Setting. And embracing the unknown in New York and not getting overwhelmed is one of them. Try your best to plan – but learn to be ok if things go a different way. Take every situation as a learning experience, whether it’s taking an overnight bus for 12 hours to the city or getting lost on Knickerbocker street in Brooklyn.

3. The best things aren’t planned

Some of the most fun I’ve had in New York has been unplanned like: taking the longest train ride of my life to Cony Island and buying a day pass for rides at the beach only to discover that the rides are horrible! Yet it is one of my most favourite memories in New York. Anything I’ve run into in Brooklyn in general like: a very cool garden by the lake with a skyline view of Manhattan; discovering my love for thrift stores like Beacon’s Closet; ducking into a place for burgers with our suitcases only to find out it’s a surf bar filled with sand. Going to Chelsea and Midtown and Central Park are still really fun to visit, but the most fun I’ve had was running around aimlessly and finding cool shops or places I’ve never heard of before.


4. Always dress like you’re in New York

What I mean by that is: don’t care what people think! I’ve seen so many crazy outfits in New York and I’ve also seen people wearing very average every day things. The point is, they’re wearing it, they’re being themselves, and they don’t care. Don’t be afraid to dress how you want to dress.

5. Do it anyway

Lately I’ve been thinking that just might be the whole point of life. I went to a conference and didn’t have a completed manuscript. I went to a workshop even though I didn’t have anything to work on. But I met great people and learned a lot and became less terrified of doing these things.

6. Just say hi

This just might be my experience in New York, but people always talk to me. One time we shared a table with some girls at Shake Shack in Midtown and we learned all about slang in Australia. I also met a good friend at a conference there by just chatting and also helping each other prepare for our pitch sessions over sandwiches. It can be intimidating trying to talk to people and make new friends, but I feel like in New York you could just say hi to anyone and strike up a conversation. As Dale Carnagie says:

“You make more friends in a year by being interested in them than trying to get them interested in you.”

Favourite Places to Eat


Surf Bar

Their burgers and drinks are cool. Don’t wear heels or bring your suitcase here.

Peitra Nolita 

My favourites here are the steak and the octopus – although everything looks good. 


Pete’s Tavern

 The best time to go to Pete’s Tavern is around Christmas time when they have the lights up. Beware – it is crazy busy sometimes!!

Panna II Garden

You may have noticed my passion for restaurants with high electricity bills. This place is one of the coolest restaurants I’ve ever been to.

Butcher’s Daughter

 They have such good (vegan) pancakes and smoothies and it’s a really nice atmosphere!


Juice Generation

Maybe I’m being a little extra for loving this place so much, but they have this almond butter smoothie that changed my life. Most of my meals in NYC consist of this when I visit.

Cool Places to Go 

Beacon’s Closet

74 Guernsey St, Brooklyn

There are a few locations, but this one is my favourite. I have found some of the coolest jackets and sweaters of my life here. For more thrift stores in New York, check out this post.

Search and Destroy

25 St Marks Pl A, Manhattan

This was the weirdest place! We just happened to find it when we were staying nearby and walked down this random street. They just have a bunch of weird stuff – can’t even explain what some of it is.

The Edge Park

22 N 6th St, Brooklyn

If you want a sweet view of the Manhattan skyline day or night, this is a great park with a dock that goes out into the water.


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