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6 Podcasts I Currently Listen To

If you love creepy stories this is your podcast. I can’t remember how I even found it, but this was the first podcast I ever listened to and I was obsessed. Even though there might be the odd episode where I have heard a version of the story before, hands down Aaron Mahnke’s is the best one.

This podcast features a different utopia each episode. Some of them are so interesting and crazy that you can’t believe they happened.

This is a really cool sci-fi esq fictional podcast. At first there isn’t much of a plot but if you’re into weird worlds and strange stories check out this podcast. 

Favourite Episodes:

Start listening from the beginning. They’re all pretty much great and they’re short.


This might be my top podcast right now. There are a lot of episodes to get through, I don’t always watch them in order. I usually pick the ones I feel are most interesting. Sometimes listening to episodes about subjects/people I normally wouldn’t be interested in have changed my perspective on different topics. 

Joe Rogan’s podcast has very long episodes but if you’re listening to a guest or topic you like you don’t even notice that some of them are more than three hours long. 

 I am a super big fan of Jocko Willink – which is surprising because usually I’m not into anything army/military/war related. But he has a lot of leadership and life skills to teach and learning a bit about what life is like in the military has opened my eyes a little.

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